RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle

RockPot Bundle

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* Estimated delivery for Storage Bag is January 2024. All other items will be shipped within 2-3 business days.
  • 1 RockPot Kit
  • 1 Storage Bag (Delivery Jan 2024)
  • 1 Set Of Inner Pans (Delivery Jan 2024)
  • 1x Extra RockPot Hook


This revolutionary portable cooker is the perfect companion for any outdoor lifestyle adult or emergency preparedness, enthusiast. The Rockpot is an easy-to-use cooker that requires no propane or electricity to cook your food. It's perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, as well as for emergency situations. The Rockpot is designed to be durable and dependable, so you can rely on it to provide you with hot and delicious meals no matter where you are.

RockTablet can be reheated over 1,500+ times. 

What's Included: 1 RockPot Kit, 1 Inner Cooking Pot w/Lid, 1 Rack, 1 RockTablet, 2 Extendable Hooks, 1 Storage Bag and 1 set of Inner Pans. 

USA & International Patent Pending

Questions about the RockTablet? Check FAQs here.  

  1. The RockTablet is very hot and do not place it on a flammable surface.
  2. Do not pre-heat the cooking vessel for cakes, breads, puddings or food amounts of less than 1 quart.
  3. Never touch the RockTablet directly in the heating process. The RockTablet can absorb a tremendous amount of heat without looking hot. It will not change in color or appearance as it heats.
  4. Keep face and hands clear of the RockPot when opening the lid during the cooking process.
  5. Never place the heated RockTablet in the RockPot without the inner cooking pot. It will result in damaging the product and will not be covered under warranty.
  6. Always use the RockTablet Hook to move the heated RockTablet at all times.

Orders to the continental U.S. Usually ships within 2-3 business days. We are not responsible for your product once it has been shipped. A tracking number will be provided with each order.

We ship to Canada as well.

Be Prepared

No Propane, No Electricity

Cook Anywhere

Bring your favorite foods on the go


Think of RockPot as a cooking appliance. Only you will know when your food is done. However you cook your food in the oven, stove top or slow cooker is going to be the same time you will have it cook in your RockPot.

For example: If you are cooking chicken breast you will only need to cook it in the RockPot for 10-15 mins.

Once you have checked your food and it's fully cooked to your preference, simply remove the RockTablet® with your hook and set it aside to cool down. Place your cooked food back in the RockPot to stay warm.

Since the RockPot® is 7.5 quarts it can cook food for up to 6 people

Yes! RockPot® has double walled lining so while your food is cooking on the inside, it's safe to touch on the outside.

Heating the RockTablet® for 30 mins on a high heat source will put it around 450- 500˚ degrees. The RockTablet® can handle a tremoundous amount of heat.Always use your hook to handle the RockTablet®.

No. The RockTablet is extremly hot when heated.



Our RockTablet is made from a natural food grade material that can handle a tremdenous amount of heat without changing color or looking hot. Heated for 30 minutes will put your RockTablet around 400˚-450˚ degrees ferinheit.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Maren Donaldson

RockPot Bundle

Ann Majeske
Missing hook

The Rockpot bundle says that it comes with two hooks. There was only one hook in my bundle. Not a big deal since you can only use one hook at a time and the hook that I have works fine. So far I've only tried the RockPot once to make rice. I heated the RockTablet in my woodstove and only heated it to about 400 or so. Not nearly hot enough so after a couple hours I had to put the rice on the stovetop for a few minutes to get it really hot and then put it back in the pot to finish in time for dinner. Obviously a learning process which is why I started with something like rice instead of a pot roast and did it at home instead of on the road. All the parts that I've used so far were sturdy and well designed and being able to wash everything except the RockTablet in the dishwasher is a bonus.

Hi Ann,

Thanks so much for leaving a review. We are sorry to hear you only received 1 hook. We will get you another hook mailed out asap. Also, please keep in mind, when heating the RockTablet in a fire it needs to be around 600 degrees. That should take between 20-30 minutes to do in a fire. That will allow the RockTablet to absorb enough heat to cook any meal throughly.

Please let us know if you have any other questions!
Happy Holidays.

Edward Manguson
Great appliance

Have only used it 1 time to make a 4 lb Chuck roast and it was awesome. This cooker rocks, can’t wait until camping season next spring this will be one of the best things to pack. I love it

Hey Edward,

Thanks so much for the review and picture! The pot roast looks delicious. We are so happy to hear you love your RockPot. Thanks for the support.

Happy Cooking.

Tom Sloma

RockPot Bundle

Fantastic product !!

Men, get this and cook a meal for your wife ! You can’t mess it up ! Greatest invention I’ve seen in years !!

Jean Willard
RockPot Bundle

I absolutely love this Rockpot. Wish I had it on our recent camping trip to Grand Tetons and Montana. I ordered it while in Montana and it was at our house when we got home from vacation. I wish there was a cooking time chart with it but I played with the cooking time. My first experiment with the Rockpot was stew. While the stone was heating up on the stove I put the inner pot on top of the stone and started cooking the stew meat and onions and then the veggies. I left it in the Rockpot for 8hrs and although the veggies weren’t as cooked as I like, they were cooked enough. Next time I’ll cut them into smaller sizes. Next I cooked a whole chicken and left it in the Rockpot for 9 hrs. I put a cup of water in the bottom and it was so moist and yummy. Next time I may just leave it in the Rockpot for 8hrs. Tonight I cooked a meatloaf in it. Left it in the pot for 9hrs and it was still plenty warm and delicious. I’m sharing all this because I wanted to really experience it before I wrote a comment. The preparation is easy. While the stone is heating up on the stove I prepare the food for the inner pot. The clean up is easy too. I am so impressed with the Rockpot’s performance and the quality of the product. It’s so worth it. I can’t wait to take it on our next camping trip. I’ll prepare the meal in the morning and let it cook while driving to our destination.

Hi Jean,

Wow! Thank you so much for the honest review. We love that you made a couple different meals in your RP before leaving a review. Your review made our day. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing happy customers. Thanks again for the great review.

-RockPot Team.

Sharon Sloan

We love the RockPot! We’ve used it at home and while camping. Great purchase!

Eleanor Branch

I’ve used it numerous time, and haven’t been disappointed!

I like it!

I have made red lentil soup, pinto beans, quinoa, and buckwheat in the rockpot so far. All came out great & yummy! The 1st batch of pinto beans I made a small amount. The 2nd batch I tried 2-1/2 C of dried pinto beans soaked overnight 1st. I put them in the rockpot with plenty of water and I checked 3 hours later and they were soft & tender, just the way I like them! There were no worries about leaving a crockpot plugged in too long or constantly checking a pot on the stovetop! I will say that as I heated up the pot on top of the rock for 1/2 hour on my electric burner before putting them in the rockpot enclosure, it did boil and flood over, so I will have to take it off a bit sooner or put a bit less water next time. But basically, this makes cooking simpler, cleaner, and easier. Once I get the water amounts right, it eliminates my problems with boiling over the pot or crockpot and flooding my stovetop or counter and I don't have to worry about burning anything by having too little water either. And I don't have to worry about an electrical fire. And this is completely portable with no electric cord dangling and tagging along. And it will cook while being transported!

Carol F
Amazingly handy & works great!!

Can literally be cooking while driving to your destination and/or set, leave & come back to ready to eat meals!!! LOVE IT!! All great quality as well.