Made for families by a Family


Created for those who love adventure and food. 38 years later, we are bringing our family’s RockPot to the world. A power-free and portable cooker that only relies on a simple fire to heat. RockPot is perfect for all outdoor adventures and a go to product for emergencies. Keeping your food hot and your bellies full.

100% Durable

Made with a high quality food-grade stainless steel with double wall lining and a secure latch. RockPot is ready to handle your toughest adventures.

Patent Pending Design

We take the design of our products seriously. We believe that RockPot will change the way you and your families cook while being outdoors.

Power-Free Portable Cooker

No Power. No Propane. All you need is a simple fire and 30 minutes of your time. RockPot is 100% power-free and portable.

Established 1983
The Original RockPot

The Founders Original RockPot, introduced in 1983, revolutionized cooking with its innovative design and functionality. It combined the convenience of a slow cooker with the portable functionality of a cooler-like exterior. Its distinctive stoneware also retained heat efficiently for even and flavorful cooking. The Rockpot quickly became a camping staple, captivating home cooks with its ability to effortlessly create hearty, flavorful meals, marking a significant milestone in culinary appliance history.

No power? No problem.
Meet RockTablet

Our patent pending RockTablet® is made with the newest cutting edge technolgy. Made from a natural food grade material. RockTablet® can handle a tremendous amount of heat while not changing color or even looking hot. 30 minutes over a fire is all you need.

What can you use it for?


While we all don't mind cold sandwitches while we are boating but what if you could bring hot bqq pulled pork instead? Hot and ready to eat when you are.


Dry foods are great and easy to pack but what if you came back to a hot soup or chili that's been cooking while you've been hunting.


Wouldn't it be nice to not have to worry about bringing propane or starting a generator to cook you food? Rockpot is perfect for quick getaways or long trips.

Off Roading

Don't settle for less when you can bring it all. Take your favorite meals to your favorite places.

We are based in Salt Lake City, UT

Home of innovation and the beautiful outdoors.