Portable Slow Cooker

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  • 7.5 Quarts
  • 100% Durable
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Double Wall Lining
  • Power-Free & Portable
  • Food Grade Stainless Steel

Introducing the RockPot! This revolutionary portable cooker is the perfect companion for any outdoor lifestyle adult or emergency preparedness, enthusiast. The RockPot is an easy-to-use cooker that requires no propane or electricity to cook your food. It's perfect for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, as well as for emergency situations. The RockPot is designed to be durable and dependable, so you can rely on it to provide you with hot and delicious meals no matter where you are.

RockTablet is reusable.

USA & International Patent Pending

What's Included: 1 RockPot, 1 Inner Cooking Pot w/Lid, 1 Rack, 1 RockTablet,1 Thermostat, and 1 Extendable Hook. 

 Questions about the RockTablet? Check FAQs here.  

The RockTablet is very hot and do not place it on a flammable surface.

Do not pre-heat the cooking vessel for cakes, breads, puddings or food amounts of less than 1 quart.

Never touch the RockTablet directly in the heating process. The RockTablet can absorb a tremendous amount of heat without looking hot. It will not change in color or appearance as it heats.

Keep face and hands clear of the RockPot when opening the lid during the cooking process.

When the heated Rocktablet is placed inside the RockPot, never close the lid without the inner pot inside. It will result in damaging the product and will not be covered under warranty.

Always use the RockTablet Hook to move the heated RockTablet at all times.

Product dimensions:


7.5 Quarts

Weight: 13lbs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Renee Andetson

Love my rock pot

David Johnson
Perfect Pot Roast

On our first try with the Rockpot we loaded the inner pot about 2/3 with the roast, potatoes and carrots, along with seasoning. We heated the tablet to the recommended 650 degrees with the inner pot on top of the tablet while it was heating. It took about 35 minutes. We put the tablet in and the inner pot in the outer pot, closed it up and let it cook for about 6.5 hours. It was piping hot and done to perfection. We’ll be using this a lot, even replacing our slow cooker most of the time. Couldn’t be happier!


Love this product

shaun Moyes
Defrost before using

Got my RockPot just in time for a camping trip, UPS guy actually pulled up as we were loading up in the truck. Glad he caught us; I was excited to try this new way of cooking a meal.
First time I learned a lesson, DO NOT put in frozen meat, it will cool the pot down too fast and not cook your meal. Glad I was close by and decided after 90 minutes to check in one the food. Rock was still warm but no longer hot. I reheated it and tried it again. This time it cooked and stayed hot for several hours, making a delicious stew. The next day I defrosted the meat before putting it in and made an awesome chicken taco dish.
This thing is amazing, we got the pot ready while I made breakfast wife got everything ready in the pot. After breakfast and getting the rock hot enough we started dinner and went on a ride/hike. This time I trusted the pot and off we went. 8 hours later we get back to camp got a few other things ready for dinner opened the pot and had some of the best shredded chicken for tacos I have ever had, well probably the best cause we were camping and don't normally have this kind of thing.
I love how easy it is to use, Next time im going to try to heat the rock on the camp chef burner vs starting a fire, I don't like leaving a hot fire and water to put it out is not always readily available.
I do like the RockPot, I would recommend others to get one. This changes the way and things we can cook when boondocking.

Ashley Brown
First time success

We used our RockPot for the first time last weekend while camping. The food was cooked perfectly and kept warm until we wanted to eat it. Heating up the stone was incredibly easy and it all cleaned up great when we got home. Can't wait to use it again!

The Rock Pot Rocks

We are loving our Rock Pot! We are so excited for all the the fun adventures we are going to be taking our Rock Pot on. From camping to boating to skiing to emergency preparedness the options are unlimited. We highly recommend!!!!

Michael Hoskins
Amazing for off grid living

We are so excited to finally be able to take hot meals with us when we go places. Living off grid doesn’t lend itself to the traditional crock pot meals when we go out to potlucks our other events. Now with our RockPot we are able to share a hot dish with our friends and family. We love it!


Think of RockPot as a cooking appliance. Only you will know when your food is done. However you cook your food in the oven, stove top or slow cooker is going to be the same time you will have it cook in your RockPot.

For example: If you are cooking chicken breast you will only need to cook it in the RockPot for 10-15 mins.

Once you have checked your food and it's fully cooked to your preference, simply remove the RockTablet® with your hook and set it aside to cool down. Place your cooked food back in the RockPot to stay warm.

Since the RockPot® is 7.5 quarts it can cook food for up to 6 people

Yes! RockPot® has double walled lining so while your food is cooking on the inside, it's safe to touch on the outside.

Heating the RockTablet® for 30 mins on a high heat source will put it around 450- 500˚ degrees. The RockTablet® can handle a tremoundous amount of heat.Always use your hook to handle the RockTablet®.

No. The RockTablet is extremly hot.

Please see refer to our RockTablet page for more information on heating and cooking times.