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RockPot Bundle

The RockPot is an easy-to-use portable cooker that requires no propane or electricity that can cook raw food. The RockTablet is our stone-based heating source for Rockpot and can be heated over an open fire or over a stovetop (gas, electric, glass or butane) and can be reheated over 1,500+...




  • 7.5 Quarts

  • 100% Durable

  • Dishwasher Safe

  • Double Wall Lining

  • Food Grade Stainless Steel

  • Weight: 13 lbs

  • Dimensions 8in x 9.5in

  • Reheated RockTablet

  • Latch and Vacuum Sealed Lid

  • Removable Lid

  • Carrying Handles

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  • The RockTablet is very hot and do not place it on a flammable surface.
  • Do not pre-heat the cooking vessel for cakes, breads, puddings or food amounts of less than 1 quart.
  • Never touch the RockTablet directly in the heating process. The RockTablet can absorb a tremendous amount of heat without looking hot. It will not change in color or appearance as it heats.
  • Keep face and hands clear of the RockPot when opening the lid during the cooking process.
  • When the heated Rocktablet is placed inside the RockPot, never close the lid without the inner pot inside. It will result in damaging the product and will not be covered under warranty.
  • Always use the RockTablet Hook to move the heated RockTablet at all times.
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle
RockPot Bundle

Meet RockTablet

The RockTablet is the heating source for RockPot. With 30 minutes of heating the RockTablet can absorb and retain heat for up to 8+ hours. Allowing Rockpot to cook your food on-the-go while being portable. The RockTablet is extremely durrable, you can reheat it over 1000+ times. 

Feed Your Next Adventure

No Propane. No Electricity.


Outer Vessel

The outer vessel has Cool Touch Technology. Featuring a double wall lining. Cooks food on the inside and cool to the touch on the outside. 

Vacuum Seal & Removable LId

The lid to Rockpot is removable and also features a vacuum seal to help prevent spillage on bumpy roads. Making it excellent for easy cooking on-the-go.

Inner Cooking Pot

Uncooked food will always sit inside of this inner cooking pot. Use it with the glass lid to help keep heat inside.


The RockTablet is the heating source for Rockpot. Heat for 30 minutes over a fire or stovetop and place inside of your Rockpot on the bottom with your inner cooking pan on top. 

How to heat the Rocktablet 

Over a Fire

Watch how to heat the Rocktablet properly.
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Tin Foil Dinners

Mix and match your meals

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Desserts For Everyone

Make your family's favorite desert

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Love Smoking Meats?

Smoke just about anything inside your Rockpot

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Honey Garlic Chicken

Simple to make and bold in flavor

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Black Bean Taco Soup

The essence of Mexican-inspired spices

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Savory Pot Roast

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How to heat the Rocktablet 

Over a Stovetop

Watch how to heat the Rocktablet in the kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore Common Queries About Our Products and Services

1. How do I heat the RockTablet over the stovetop?

When heating your RockTablet over the stovetop you must put your inner cooking pot that is filled with your uncooked food on top of your RockTablet while it's heating on high for a full 30 minutes. Make sure you heat it on your largest burner. This will allow your food to get a heated jump start before placing it in your RockPot. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.
2. How do I heat the RockTablet in a fire?

3. What happens if my RockTablet cracks or breaks?

Our RockTablet is as solid as it can get. Manufacturing defects are covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Small hairline cracks in the Rocktablet are completely normal after heating and it will not affect the heat capacity.

4. When to use the temp gauge?

The temp gauge is for fire use only. Do not use it for heating over the stovetop. It's not necessary when heating over the stovetop. Typical stovestop will not get over 500 degrees.

5. What is the inner rack for?
The inner rack is used to cook poultry and smoking meats.

6. Can you cook frozen food in the RockPot?

No. We recommend not cooking frozen foods in the Rockpot. Frozen foods will absorb too much heat to defrost and cook thoroughly. Always make sure your food is defrosted before cooking.

7. Can I heat the RockTablet on a flat glass stovetop?
Yes, you can heat the RockTablet on an electric or gas stove top including glass tops. However you cannot heat the RockTablet over and induction stovetop.
8. Can I touch the outside of the cooker while its cooking?
Yes! RockPot has double walled lining so while your food is cooking on the inside, it's safe to touch on the outside.